Our Events build safe spaces for everyone and every family that feel like home and carry out powerful messages.  


Cleen Market is committed to creating a sustainable world to grow old in. You dont need to be a superhero to make a positive impact in an older adults life. 

Unlike our youthful population, older adults throughout North America rely on charitable organizations for meals, transportation, social activities, housing services and so much more.  In the U.S., less than one percent of funding from the nation’s largest grant makers is focused on the aging population.


It is time to come together  to give back to our older adult community!  Giving back to the exact community that paved a way for every community to thrive.

There are many fundraising platforms and nonprofit organizations that help senior citizens with programs and benefits. Below we’ve listed our trusted nonprofit organizations of support. 



Choice In Aging

Choice in Aging (CiA) has been providing services to the community’s frailest people since 1949 when it was created by volunteers to serve children severely disabled by Polio.  Over the years, the organization has provided a wide variety of programs but with the mission: “To promote dignity and independence of people with disabilities and special needs” until bringing on the county’s premier Intergenerational Montessori preschool in 2017 after which the mission became, “To create opportunities where people can learn, grow and age independently with dignity in community.”


The Orinda Association

Started in 1946, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life in Orinda, promoting awareness and encouraging dialogue among Orinda residents on issues of importance to the community, and mobilizing volunteer efforts to enhance the beauty, character and security of Orinda.


Cleen Garden

As a 501c3, Cleen Gardens simple task of gardening, our elderly and young scholars become more connected with life lessons. We not only promote healthy eating habits, we encourage physical activity, self-sufficiency and proper mental health skills.

CLEEN GARDEN programs ensures that our older adults and youth learn skills to keep them afloat in everyday life, they gain knowledge of proper team work needed to succeed in personal development.

We do not just create a garden, we create guaranteed success and unity.


We’re partnering with more charitable organizations throughout local communities serving aging adults in need.

While Cleen Market can’t serve every aging adult, we can be a resource and a beacon of hope to many through our amazing Senior events. 

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